How it all started..
I have always had a passion for photography, and in my late teen's, I discovered Black and White Processing. I built up a darkroom, and used to enjoy developing and printing all of my photographs by hand. This was invaluable experience, as not only did I learn about how light affects film emulsions, it gave me a vast experience in working with light, flash, and in various conditions.

I loved Motorsports- I used to go to local motorsport events, take lots of photographs, and I started to sell enlargements to the drivers. (This was a hobby that was starting to earn back some of the costs of the darkroom! I came up with the name Rallysnaps to launch things off). As time progressed, some drivers suggested that I try submitting a few of my photographs to Rally Magazines. I took their advice, and submitted some photographs to Rally Sport, and Motoring news.

I was surprised when I received a complemetary copy of Rally Sport through the post, and even more amazed when I saw my photos published for the first time, and had my name under it! A few weeks later, I received a cheque...and that was it, I was now officially a Freelance Photographer and the year was 1985. I then started submitting photographs to various publications regularly, and quite often, they were published.

Local Newspapers
The Cardigan and Tivyside advertiser was my first LOCAL Newspaper publication. They required a photograph of a Cardigan rally driver who won an event at Pembrey, Carmarthenshire- Corbett Williams.

I then became the Offical photographer for the Cardigan & Tivyside Advertiser. As time progressed I also started regularly supplying other Local Publications on occassion- The Western Telegraph, County Echo, Carmarthen Journal, and Cambrian News and sometimes, the daily National Newspapers when national stories arose.

Those were the days, racing around the countryside, page deadlines always on the back of your mind. I would always have to race back to the darkroom to print something up, as newspapers required the prints yesterday- Prints had to be made into wooden blocks for the printing presses in those days, and strangely, the smell of the printing press, and the inks, and the sheer noise of all the machinery in action was very memorable.

In the mid 1990's I decided to concentrate more on Wedding Photography, as demand for my services was so high.

The business has been growing continually since then, but photographic equipment and styles have evolved, those darkroom days, have long gone, and been replaced with a digital high tech equivalent.

No more films to process, no more agitating developing trays with your dev, stop, and fix more drying negatives with hair driers to meet has to be said I do miss the darkroom, but nevertheless, I have embraced the move to Digital Imagery, with crisp sharp images, ease of use, and the ability to use the Digital Editing Suite to enhance, create, and to express a more creative and artisic influence when required. In fact, I have not used film since 2004.

...and now...

Even after photographing over 600 Weddings since 1985, Wedding Photography is still my passion, I am so fortunate that so many wedding couples have placed their trust in me, and families come back to me for portraits, graduations, baby photos, and generally, whatever photographic requirements they have.

The fact that families return means a lot me, as it confirms that they were happy with my work, and more importantly, it means that I have established a relationship with my clients which will continue for many years.

It is quite common to meet a wedding couple, and one of them saying to me that they remember me taking a school photograph of them for the local paper on St Davids Day....that always puts a smile on my face.

Thank you for taking the time to view my website, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.