Suggested list of photographs

VERY IMPORTANT: The photo list is a photographer's guide, but it can also be their nightmare.

Lists can assist your photography in some areas of your day, but they can also hamper the creativity of your photography. The information is just a guideline. It is not set in gold. In most cases, the lists will only assist traditional/contemporary photography packages. The best advice we can give is to let us guide you when it comes to what information we will need from you. And if you're still not sure, don't be afraid to ask!

So as we mentioned above, the details of the list will change depending on what type of photography you choose, i.e. documentary, creative and/or traditional. So please use this list as more of a guide. We've designed it so that you can copy and paste it ... and then edit it to suit your needs.

Some tips to keep in mind before we start the list:

Let us know about your family structure, i.e. divorces, deaths and family feuds!!

Keep your list short for photojournalistic style photography, you're photographic package will document your day as it flows

The extended family shot list is very important, especially if you have a number of shots with relatives other then your immediate family.

For every photo you add to your list, you must add approximately 2 minutes of shooting time. So if you're trying to figure your family photos into your timeline, the length of your list will be your guide on timing.

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